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10 Top reasons to make an appointment:

  1.  Sore nipples
  2.  Difficulty latching
  3.  Slow or low weight gain, or baby is not back to birth weight by 7-10 days
  4.  Low or overabundant milk supply
  5.  Fussy baby
  6.  Breastfeeding twins, a premature or late preterm baby
  7.  Breastfeeding risk factors such as PCOS, previous breast surgery, infertility issues, diabetes, thyroid disease, any  chronic disease, arm weakness
  8.  Engorgement, repeated plugged ducts or mastitis
  9.  Returning to work, pumping, and milk storage
  10.  Tongue tie evaluation

 I am ready to give you breast feeding support prenatally, after birth, and through your baby's first year. 

 We can work together to address each of the problems listed to the left, or any other difficult feeding issues you are facing. 

I have experience working with term healthy babies as well as NICU babies , NICU grads, and babies facing unique health challenges. 

I can help you in your home, or in my office. 

My goal is to stay connected with you so that you can meet your breastfeeding goals.  

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Mary has worked in maternal-child nursing since 1986, exclusively in lactation since 2007, and has been IBCLC certified since 2009.   She has extensive experience helping moms initiate breastfeeding and solving complex feeding issues. She is professional, gentle, thorough, and has a deep knowledge base so that she is comfortable with a wide variety of feeding difficulties.  

What Mothers Have Said About Mary


"You are a breastfeeding genius."  Brandy


"Mary was a fabulous gift to us as mommy and baby.  She came in and  gave us the tools to get my little guy to eat, gain weight and become a happy, healthy, thriving little man.  I would HIGHLY recommend her for new and experienced mommies alike. "  Dana

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"Thank you so much for helping us with breastfeeding.  Nikola is now 17 days old and is thriving  because of the encouraging, sweet help you gave us.  I don't think we would be successful without your help. "  Misty


"Out of all the lactation consultants we worked with you were  by far the most patient, helpful and knowledgeable. You are awesome!"    Emily


"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance during our first few weeks with little Ava.  Your help was so valuable, and with your help we've been truly successful.  We all are grateful... especially Ava!"  Rachel

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"I can't thank you enough for all your help and time!!  Your knowledge, resources, understanding, and compassion have been invaluable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "  Mandy

Interested in breastfeeding groups and classes?

 Mary also facilitates  a breastfeeding group, and a clinic.  She teaches prenatal breastfeeding and returning to work/ pumping classes as well.  These are hosted through Enso Prenatal.  Click on the button to find out more and to register for one of these interactive classes and  solution oriented groups.  

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   Flexible hours are available Monday-Saturday.  A coded insurance form will be provided if requested for you to seek insurance reimbursement

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